Monday, July 11, 2011

COSI 2011 - part 1

Hey everyone!

Quick update.. I am in Toronto for the Computational Optical Sensing andImaging (COSI), OSA meeting. This conference is held once every couple of years, usually collocated with Signal Recovery and Synthesis, Applied Industrial Optics, Adaptive Optics and Wavefront Sensing, Digital Holography and some other interesting meetings as part of the Imaging and Applied Optics Congress.

The two buildings on either side of CN tower 
look tilted in my pic!  What does that say 
about my cell phone's camera?

Today is our first day here. The whole Ricoh Innovations Inc. (RII), Digital Optics Research group is here. We have two talks at this meeting. One was today, Kathrin Berkner's and my submission on “Optimization of Spectrally Coded Mask for Multi-modal Plenoptic Camera” (CMD4) I'll put in a link to the paper once it gets online. Some people at the conference had already shown interest in the work. So despite being pretty late in the day we had a decent crowd. We had been looking forward to this for a while now and were glad to see the response.

Plenoptic imaging systems have been around for a while and promise to be very useful for digital refocusing, angular imaging, multimodal imaging, etc. Lately there is a lot of industry interest in exploring the potential for these kinds of applications. Our group works on the optics side of it - design, tolerancing, etc. Being in industry, these things are important to us. The research culture at RII is strong and we greatly value the opinion of the diverse academic research community. We got some great feedback and good discussions after the talk today. Thanks folks, for all your interest!

We have one more talk from RII coming up on Tuesday afternoon - 3D Imager Design through Multiple Aperture Optimization (JTuD4). Do stop by if you are at COSI 2011!   

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