Thursday, October 20, 2011

FiO 2011 - part 4 Eday

Hey everyone.. All is going great at FiO. Yesterday and today were full and busy days. But I do have some pics for you.

I went to Eday yesterday evening. This is an event the OSA organizes every year at FiO. They have volunteers, students and various chapter members from all over the world come in and give optics demos to teachers who wish their students to explore optics in their classrooms. This year's event was well attended.

They had lots of tables with various demos and a crowd of folks checking out the easy, inexpensive and interesting experiments these enthusiastic volunteers had come up with! I just took a couple of pics, here they are..

This is an undergrad student member, Denys Zaikin from Naples, Italy.

Denys had a demo for sustainability. He told us..
.. how we can demonstrate solar thermal power using simple tools. He had a beaker of water, some aluminum foil to direct more sunlight toward it, some black material to increase absorption, and a thermometer and demonstrated how much energy is absorbed by the the water from sunlight and how this energy could be utilized for sustainable living. Denys is from the OSA student chapter in Naples. Check out their website!

Here are some pics from the demos shown by Guangzhi, Marco, Stacie, Cynthia and Joe from the N-Cal OSA chapter.

This was an experiment showing how free-space light communication can be established by modulating the light from a common laser pointer. A cheap photo-detector at the other end can detect the pulses of light and the signal can be demodulated with a simple circuit. They were sending a song from one end with this light communication link, receiving and playing it at the other end with a tiny speaker! 

This experiment told us how we can measure the width of a hair!!! They had a hair taped to a business card and a laser pointer shining light off it. The interaction of light with the hair creates a spot pattern at a screen a couple of feet away. You can measure the distance between the spots with a ruler and use the wavelength of red light from the pointer to calculate the width of the hair!

There were several other demos at this event, and they had a fabulous turnout of folks interested in them. But I was quite late arriving there and didn't get to nearly enough of the demos.

Food got served just as I arrived and everybody was hungry! ;) Thanks to everyone for making this event so enjoyable!!

Cheers everyone and thanks for stopping by!

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