Saturday, October 13, 2012

Off to Rochester!

Hey everybody..

It's Frontiers in Optics time again and I'm off to Rochester tomorrow! It'll be my first visit since graduation! Some of my best friendships and memories are from Rochester. I get to meet a lot of the folks at meetings and conferences. Some of my Rochester friends also work in the Bay area. But it's after a long time I'm going to go to the University, see my old offices and labs again.. meet everyone again! :)

We've had some good times at Rochester. If you are visiting for the first time, fall colors should be out about now.

And other than the University and neighborhood around, you could check out..

Niagara Falls..

Letchworth Park..

Cruise along on Lake George if you want to drive just a bit further.. lot of other places too.. just quickly spotted these clicks on my hard disk. ;)

But mainly I am going to meet old friends, catch up, check out everybody's latest at the conference, hang out and have some fun!

Hope to post a bit this coming week. Cheerio!

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